Tian Xiang Hui Wei Steamboat - Sunway Giza

Yeah is steamboat time !!

Since i took half day off on Thursday to replace my driving license, I head over to this steamboat shop for lunch.

Yes - lunch!!

Few weeks back, Everyday.com.my was having this super 60% deal for Tian Xiang Hui Wei Steamboat.

What's so special about this steamboat?

You don't know unless you try it. We always go for this clear soup & tomyam broth when it comes to steamboat.

But here they have the most traditional broth from the high land of inner Mongolia that contains 60 types of herbs - I tried asking what are those ingredient - she smile and say "secret".

From the picture, we can see there's lots of garlic (really a lot), leek, red dates, sesame, bay leaves, "dong gui" & wolfberries.

Both spicy and clear broth are the same, they added in dried chillies to make it spicy.

Each set of utensils are sterilizes and wrap individually - very clean ^_^. You see there is only a pair of chopsticks and one ladle (because the waitress will be the one serving the food for you).

We ordered one serving of "Sakura pork" (fully imported from Japan) & also one serving of 1st grade beef (fully imported from New Zealand).

We also ordered a hand made "prawn glue", half a portion of cheesecake, mongolian ball, tian xiang ball, taiwanese soup dumpling (like xiao long bao).

We were also served with unlimited refill of their signature tea - tian xiang tea which compliments the soup served. Because the soup is boiled with herbs and tends to be heaty, the tea on the other hand help to reduce the heatiness.

The bill total up to RM 154 minus the RM 130 value of coupon purchase from everyday.com.my, we paid an additional RM 24 for the meal.

We were also given a RM 50 voucher for our next visit - applicable Mon - Fri 1pm -4pm (lunch hour)

* They also have private rooms that can accomodate 70 pax - ideal for family reunion, private functions and company dinner.

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  1. the meat looks fresh and good! :) i'm impressed... worth it...?

    i din buy the deal for this, aint a steamboat fan :(

  2. Hmm for a try definitely yes - especially the spicy soup.. I have 2 vouchers we can use ^_^..