Launching of Olive & Tebe

Originated from New Zealand, Olive & Tebe offer range of products made with extra virgin olive oil from hair care, body care to even baby care.

Olive oil are not only beneficial to our health but it works equally well in nourishing and protecting our skin. Olive and Tebe are the creation from traditional beauty remedy infused with modern day technology.

The founder of the brand Ms Branka Simunovich said, "It is the one product in the world that no one is allergic to and that makes it perfect for beauty treatment." Olive oil and olive leaf extract are also known for its healing power ever since in ancient time.

With an uprising trend in the demand for natural products, Olive & Tebe are brands that clearly fit into what we label as ecobeauty products.

Some of the benefits of olive oil & olive tea extracts are :-
  • Rich in anti-oxidant
  • Free from radical damage, antibacterial, antiviral & antifungus
  • Nourishes and retain moisture for the skin
Olive product range ~
Tebe product range ~

Generally, Olive products are more focus towards body care while Tebe products range offers more comprehensive face care.

Olive price ranges from Rm 24 (lip balm) - RM 104 (day/night moisturizers). While Tebe price ranges from RM 47 (lip balm) - Rm 127 (day/night moisturizers). Both brands are available exclusively in 2 Metrojaya's counters in The Curve and BB Plaza.

Ms Amber Chia & Baby Asthon, Mr Frederick Loh (Executive Director of The Skin Topic Sdn Bhd) and Ms Loh Pui Ling (Executive Director of Metrojaya)

Brand new Tebe & Olive Counter @ Metrojaya, The Curve

Tebe & Olive Beauty Advisor

Current promotion :-

Inclusive of shower gel, body milk, oatmeal soap bar & a free natural soap bar + 15% discount**
Inclusive of a refreshing mist, nourishing day cream, moisturizing night cream & a free cleansing milk + 15% discount**
Inclusive of hand moisturizer, foot cream, body milk & a free lavish soap bar + 15% discount**

You will also receive a RM10 voucher for every Rm100 spent *While promotion period last **Prices shown are after discount

*Update - My heartfelt condolences goes out to you and your family. R.I.P Ms Branka Simunovich

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