Hoyu - Color your heart

Never heard of Hoyu? Think harder.. is something that been around us ever since childhood.

Still can't recall? What about Bigen? Ever since 1950's it was a very famous powder hair dye that first came into the market. Ah.. sort of remember grandma using it? Maybe you can recognize..

Over the years, Hoyu introduce various range of product from Bigen Speedy, Bigen Prominous to their latest trendier range name Beauteen and Bigen Prominous Milky.

So I went to Hoyu office located in Solaris Mont Kiara yesterday to collect my prize during lunch hour. Hmm I keep on guessing what will be in the hamper? Let's see..

Office @ lunch hour

The office was rather comfy I would say, didn't get to see much as I was asked to wait at the meeting room. A girl came in holding a bag of goodie ^_^ and introduce herself - Fiona

She such a sweet lady and spend some time introducing me the product and the usage of each product. We also talked about events that Hoyu will be participating in Taylor College - Asaban whereby morning will be some cosplay event going on and during the noon the place will turn into a traditional Japanese street market. A rather interesting one indeed.

Wanna see what's inside the bag?

From left to right - BeautyLabo Color Care Series, Beauteen Hair Color, Beauteen Hair Bleach Series & Beauteen Male Hair Color (Not Available in Malaysia)

So 3 boxes of hair color and 2 bottles of color care treatment... I think can last me another year before visiting my hair stylist (he's gonna hate me ^_^)

Beautylabo Color Hair Care Leave on Spray - contains Almond Nut Essence to give dry, frizzy hair a deep moisture leaving it beautiful shine. The texture is much lighter compare to the gel one, suitable to use in the morning before styling. It makes hair more manageable and also protect hair color from fading.

Beautylabo Leave on Treatment Gel - similar to the above, this treatment gel is more concentrated. Just like sleeping mask, this gel is suitable to use at night for its rich moisturising effect. Comes in 2 formulation - Extra Smooth with Silk Essence (Not available in Malaysia) and Deep Moisture with Macadamia Nut Oil.
Beauteen Hair Color - A collection by Hoyu inspired by Japanese comic book character Nana Yazawa. Being one of the most popular hair dye in Japan, its colours are glossy and comes with a hint of fruity smell. The colouring kit include a pair of glove and a bottle with comb cap (ease coloring process - just come through) and colourant. Is easy to use it at home and you can totally DYI with it. Plus - it comes with a post colour treatment so you won't be afraid that your hair will turn dry and damaged.

You see the one on the left, is from a range called Men's Beauteen. Unfortunately is not available in Malaysia - most of its colours are more conventional compare to Nana's range. The one in the middle is pink beige and the one far right is the bleach series (not the anime) in platinum blonde.

Color chart as below :-

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  1. nice ! the packaging so cute one.. how is it.. quick reviewwwww

    p/s: won this from fb ah! nice get to try new stuffs.

  2. hehe , i tried before using the dye.. but didn't take any picture for review.. I'll re-dye my hair and post it k ^_^..