Himalaya ~ A wholesome of pure herbs goodness

Are you a person who changes shampoo frequently because non of it works? Do you have problems with you hair?

Well I do. It's been quite sometime since I have this severe dandruff issue - like snowing ~

As much as my concern, none of the shampoo in the market seems to work for me until Himalaya Anti Dandruff came into the picture.

Himalaya has always been well known for its herbal focus product lines, from supplement to beauty products. Recently , they launched a new range of shampoos with 100% herbal active that nourishes and strengthen the hair to prevent hair loss as well as dandruff.

(left- to-right) Marcel Gan, Chief Operating Officer, Embun Elit Sdn. Bhd., Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander, Sue Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Embun Elit Sdn. Bhd, Hairth Iskander, and Vineet Jain, Marketing Manager, Personal Care Division-S.E.A.

Booth at LG center court

The new packaging and formulation are results of modern scientific research in developing the most natural herbal based solution.

Himalaya latest range includes Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Anti Hair Fall Shampoo, Protein Conditioner and Protein Shampoo.

Price from RM 20++ and available in at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets,hypermarkets and Himalaya ratail outlets.

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P/S: I have personally tried the anti -dandruff shampoo, please make sure you get one and try. It reduces my flaky scalp in just 3 days (use continuously). However, it does smell like the detergent because of the tea tree content. But it's good and not drying. Make sure you pair it with the conditioner ~ awesome result. It's the first condition I ever used that can be apply from root to tip.

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