STRIP - ing it off !!

Strip : Ministry of Waxing - Stripping across 9 cities and conquer over 2 million bushes *blush blush is originated from a place where Bak Kua is famous for - Singapore !!!

So it started off back in 2002, when waxing parlor is crawling slowly from its stone age into civilization.It's always been the ouch, Ouch and OUCH !!! mindset over getting a wax and thanks to those scene in the movies that further exaggerated it.

Yanking off something is never pain-free so does piercing, tattoo, taking a jap and so on. Well people always say that big girl don't cry.. so I'm not going all baby about getting my first waxing fix.

So what do you need to do before braving yourself and walk into a waxing parlor ? Set aside all the fancy name and decoration stuff - it's the HYGIENE factor. In Strip, they always hold on to their best practice HSQ (Hygiene. Speed. Quality). Their global Waxperts are straightly trained to glove-on all time during service and ensure that a Brazilian wax should be within 15 mins flat. That's a quickie.. LOL !! Likewise, I can never imagine the idea of double dipping in the wax pot and getting a Brazilian fix ? Ewww !! In Strip, they provide an individual hygiene pack for every session. Inside the pack comes a wet wipe (You know what to do with that) and countless number of spatula (no double dipping -  dip, spread, dispose).

Fuuuhh.. deep breath.. Ok not that quick. First, I was asked to fill in a basic personal information and some basic medical condition. Then the Waxperts explained to me a series of service they provide and Brazilian virgin like me hehe, was handed a STRIP monkey to hold onto in case I have a low tolerance to even the slightest pinch. Ouch !!

All Strip -ing room are decorate inline with the outlet's theme. Yes it comes in different theme. Reason for this is that at Strip, they want to keep a professional image of a waxing service provider and keep the passerby one of a kind look off the outlet. As such, the Publika outlet adapted the retro radio studio look with bold red , metal-ish , loft look. Young and trendy nothing too intimate or girlish since they do serve both male and female customers. So for boys, you know where to get your boyzilian.. Hehe

Since I'm getting a Brazilian, it is best advice to go with hard wax as it has a better grip and is more suitable for delicate area. There's also other option of having a combination of hard and soft wax or soft wax depending on the suitability.

Tips - No skinny jeans, no leggings, no tight clothing if you are planning to get a Brazilian. The skin will get a little more sensitive and tender after the waxing so try wearing something loose. I picked a long dress and wearing a dress gives you an option to either just remove your underpants or stay bottom naked.

Then the Waxperts will decide if the length of the hair is suitable for waxing otherwise some minor trimming is require. It is best if the hair length is kept at about 1 cm. Ooo.. the feeling of having wax over my skin is - warm. Each waxing covers 2 X 1 inch area and it will be remove against the hair growth direction. Breath in 1, 2 and off.. to my surprise is not that painful. The senses are much more intense around the center area and I was quiet shy when the Waxperts pushed my leg further to the side. However, Waxperts being waxperts she's very professional and never give out that weird look on her face. In fact I find her rather comforting especially in diverting the conversation, so the focus is much less on the body. A little tweezers to clean off the itsy bitsy bit and Voila! Smooth, soft and hair free skin.

I'm glad that I finally been there and done that.. The skin is so much smoother compared to shaving and no more in-grown bumps. If you too have the though of giving it a try, you will only know the answer if you actually try it out. First experience is always the most memorable and you don't want it to be a bad one.

Strip is available in the following location :-

Strip Bangsar - Jalan Telawi 5
Strip Lot 10 - 4th Floor
Strip The Curve - 1st Floor 
Strip Sunway - 1st Floor near information counter
Strip Publika - D4-G3- 8 (Latest outlet - shop lot by the side)

Make sure you call for appointment - it may not be edible but they do sell like hotcakes.

** There's no age restriction to waxing
** Avoid waxing during menstruation, a week before and a week after

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