Hyper Sharp Liner ~ Maybelline New York

Latest liquid liner by Maybelline New York ~ the Hyper Sharp Liner comes with a soft -touch brush applicator that gives you the sharpest line at 0.05mm. I’m not a super fan for liquid liner as it is always know for its messy smudges, stain, lack of intensity and because of its liquid form, I find it difficult to draw.

While this liner offer more than just precision, the ink contains super saturated hyper-fine pigments that gives out a striking black that goes a long way. Which means, its 100% water proof, sweat proof and sebum proof.

My verdict is that this will most likely be my one and only liquid liner and yes it does work as well as it claim. I got a very intense black line, super sharp and it kinda dry pretty quickly (no mess). The only thing about liquid liner is, if you need a thin line or an “eye tattoo” draw some flowers, this works as good as your ink pen. For me, because I have this inner double lid my liners need to be super thick and with this Hyper Sharp Liner I drawing back and forth to get a the amount of thickness I need. Beside it being super sharp, I have almost nothing to doubt in recommending others to buy.

Plus, it’s selling for only RM 23.90. Though it maybe super long lasting, pair it with Maybelline Make Up Remover and voila it’s off the lid. If you are super into liquid liner, do go and try this one out. If you are not yet a liquid liner lover, you will start loving very soon. Besides being a liner, you can use it as drawing pen for face art or even “temporary body tattoo”.

Comes on in black and available in major supermarkets/pharmacies nationwide.

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  1. wow, must get this !! 1st time i komen ni..
    feel free to visit my blog k :)

  2. thanks for the comment really worth a try