Silky Girl Magic BB Foundation

While I rarely review any product from Silky Girl before, I suppose most people would have at least notice the present of this brand. Their products are vastly available in major pharmacies and departmental stores nationwide. The brands offer rather extensive variety of product complete from makeup to polish remover.

Being someone with combination skin, the last thing you want to have is skin that glow like a light bulb (not in a positive light). While it's extremely important to know you skin type before picking up the right foundation, we often hear about what know as magical BB cream. A category that simply suit just about anything. Believe it or not, never once I found a BB cream that suit my skin before. It's either too fair, too moisturising or worst it oxidises and turn grey.

So I came across this Magic BB Powder Foundation, the temptation was driven by its price which was on promo for less than RM 15.00 - Why not give it a try.. after all can still be use as a blotting powder.

It's written behind its packaging that the product contains Vitamin E and SPF 20/PA with oil control properties (blot blot) and Wild Mango Kernel Butter infusion  to repair and restore skin suppleness. As for what I pay for, as long as it keeps my skin shine-free I'm more than happy. 

The texture is very fine and gives you a silky feeling. However, as its in a powder format it usually doesn't give you much coverage. It comes in 4 shades with 3 over the yellow base and the one I picked was a rose based. Although I still finds it a little over the fair bit, but the finishing seems velvety and matte enough. Packaging wise, plain baby blue plastic looking compact case and comes with a basic sponge for application. 

Verdict to this is that, if you have good complexion and wanted something light which work more like a layer of dust protection or a decent oil blotter. Give this a try.

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