Maybelline - Master Liners

Unlike my usual workday, I picked up my brushes and put on my makeup today. As I dig through my stash of makeup, I found the Maybelline Master Liners.

To my surprise, after more than 9 hours on my oily lid it did not smudge nor crease a lot.
Is not the kind of super fine tip liner but is super easy to glide on. But there's a way if you wanna draw a thinner line. Just tilt the tip at 45 degree and use really light hand to draw.
It does smudge if you swipe your finger across but is definitely quite water resistant and not easily to remove without a remover.
However, I found that the liner is rather fragile. I accidentally broke the tip as I draw too hard. So I suggest be gentle when using this eyeliner. Comes only in black and it's selling at super affordable price - RM 15.90 only. O_O

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