Solone - Magic Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

A friend of mine who recently came back from a vacation in Taiwan bought me a Solone liquid liner - knowing that this is one most talk about brand for their liners.

It's quite seldom for me to use liquid liner on my day to day makeup. Mainly because I either not wearing a liner or puts on a heavy duty one. Since having a thin line on a mono-lid shows almost nothing, I always turn to gel or pencil liner. The other thing is also because they tend to be much more user friendly and easy to draw on.

As you can see, it draws a neat thin to medium line in one stroke. Pretty much like other liquid liners. It dries up rather quick and you won't have to worry on smudging it. It's very easy to draw on as the liquid liner flow smoothly from the tip of the brush.

It does stays waterproof and smudges very little when I run my thumb over it. However, this doesn't make it difficult to remove at all.

It does get a little difficult to scout for this liner in Malaysia. But it's not impossible now that there's plenty of forum that offer shopping spree from other countries. You just need to place a little effort in finding it.

Selling for somewhere around RM 20, I would say that it's quite a decent liquid liner.

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