Logitech Christmas Party ~

Christmas came early this year - thanks to Logitech Malaysia for the invitation to their mini gathering at Apartment @ The Curve.

It was also a mini launch of their 2 latest products which I find just in time for this festive season.

Upon arrival, guest will sign in via their Facebook Fanpage & leave down their valuable contact details a.k.a email address in their guest list as well.

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I was greeted by this cheerful girl at the registration table handing out doorgift and santa hair ~

The 2 wonderful items launching or soon to be launch is the Logitech HD Webcam C615 & Logitech Mini Boombox (coming soon) - I personally find these 2 items super fit for the festive season. Webcam if you are away from your family during the holidays & boombox is just great if you are partying away with friends.

Since we arrive early, I grab a sit and sip away pretending "Rudolph" for the day.

The party started of with a brief and crisp speech by Mr KP Sim - Country Manager for Logitech on the latest product launched. He also addresses his gratitude in organizing this mini Christmas gathering for those who supported the digital world and their love for tech throughout the years.

The latest Logitech Mini Boombox video showcasing the ease of usage by simple pairing action with any bluetooth enable devices. It can double up as a handsfree as it has a built in mic which can be a great feature while you are on the road or needed a group call. It comes in a internal battery that charges via a usb cable which able to within a 10 hours till the next charge. The best part is, nothing larger than an adult palm (regular) size. Easy carry easy to have fun.

Now this is my favorite, the portable Logitech HD Webcam C615. Be it work or family matters, online chatting, conference call are now widely adapt by many people. The one thing you don't want is that they look like you LEGO friend with pixelate square heads when you enlarge the image or looking at a scene from panic room where your friends or family face kinda of unclear. It's HD, it has a 360 degree swivel rotation, it comes with a one-click HD video and photo upload to Facebook, Youtube and/or Twitter. It can be mount on tripod too. It comes with a built in mic that cancel out background noise (at least the kind that is good for conversion), auto-focus even on close-up and super clear due to its 8 megapixel images.

This is one of my choice of the day as I was looking for headphone but unfortunately the test unit was not working or wasn't connected or so.

The night ended with 2 lucky draws with on Ipad dock + keypads to one lucky girl of the night. So where's the webcam Santarina's holding? HD webcam oooo ^_^ well apparently Santa thinks that I'm a good girl after all and there comes my early Christmas present. Thank you Santa, Logitech and Rantau PR....

How clear is that? check out the image.. It's really that clear.. I promise I'm gonna Vlog very very very very very soon....... First let me check how to operate this cute little cam here. By the way, the 2 blue line you see is actually a security feature. Just in case, if the webcam is on the light is one and you will know if you are being capture just to avoid if anyone trying to do anything nasty to you.....

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