Plussizekitten Blog Birthday Special

Muahahaha - What else can be more appropriate than a retail therapy especially on Miu's blog birthday special.

I may not be new to bazaar and weekend markets - some artsy ones, fashionista spell bound and even mini home manufacturers.  But an invite to one for a birthday celebration - exceptionally thoughtful.

As promise, lucky followers got their wonderful paper bags of goodies - filled with surprises (discount vouchers) ^_^ and also other goodies by generous sponsors.

There were also refreshment throughout our therapy session.

Drum roll - what are the damage for the day? See for yourself.

1 dress,3 tops ,2 necklaces,1 set of bangles and 1 ring

Total RM 200++

Bangle (RM 10 for 3), Top RM 39 & Necklace RM 15

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  1. Sounds fun! Too bad missed it due to overslept in noon nap T.T

  2. Not bad at all.. but it was so hot that afternoon.. Bazaar is there every weekend.. you still can go next week