Rimmel - Sexy Curve Full Figure (Extra Volume & Shapely Curve) Mascara

Yet another mascara that emphasises on giving you the voluptuous yet curl lashes effect.

Rimmel : Sexy Curve Full Figure - The packaging itself has already shout sexy out loud. Is bold red metallic tube mimicking a woman in corset that suppress her tiny waist and portrays that curvilicious hips.

While the design of the brush are more than just being thematic as it's triple plump brush specially design to create the volume and shapely curve of one's lashes.

I find the formula have improve a lot in terms if quick drying. And it smudges much less and easier to apply compare to its previous descendant. While I would give the curving effect more credit because naturally I have lashes that are good friends with gravity.

After - darker and more define

However, even without the use of eyelash curler, I manage to encourage my lashes to be more confident on itself. It doesn't really make my lashes curl sky high but it does manage make them less shy. (pointing down all time)

Before (pointing down)

After - slightly lifted (without curler)
It's amazingly dark in color, and it does makes lashes fuller.

The cons about this mascara is that is rather difficult to work with big brush over smaller area like under eye lashes and lashes by the corner of you eyes.

Nonetheless, its a decent mascara and for RRP 29.90 I would not ask for better.

Where to find it? It's available in Watson nationwide.

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