Summer In CLINIQUE Beach Party

Party people in the houz tonight.... everybody's having good time.... !!!

Calling all beach babe and party boyz... CLEO June issue gets hotter this summer with CLINIQUE BEACH PARTY @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach - 14th July 2012

You got another 6 weeks to give that sexy booty a lift and gets the bikini body all toned up but * First remember to grab CLEO June issue to book yourself a spot. Plus you will receive a door gift worth over RM 100.

What's more, there will be performance by various talented artist and singer throughout the party with you.

Now go make that call, gather your friends and grab a CLEO NOW !!!!!!

** Side note - CLEO cover girl love audition has been announce.. so pretty babes you know where to go right... more details in the magazine itself.

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