Sleek - Limited Edition in Bad Girl

First and for most, the purchase of this palette is simply because I was attracted to the casing (matte black casing with the word Sleek) and secondly the variation of colors in the palette namely "Bad Girl".

I'm not much of an eyeshadow fan naturally because of my super monolid that rarely carries any eyeshadow nicely without looking like a goth or clown.

Sadly, the palette didn't make it to me in one piece because Ms. Innocence probably got a lil afraid of the dark and decided to shatter herself. Anywhere the rest of the colors are well intact. 12 shades in a palette and I got it online for RM 52 + RM 7 shipping which I personally think is pretty decent. Any even more so when I swatch it.

From left to right, we have Ms Innocence, Gullible, Blade, Gun Metal, Underground, Noir, 
Second row : Intoxicated, Envy, Obnoxious, Abyss, Twilight (Oops sorry not Edward Cullen this time) and Rebel (So ME !!)

  1. Innocence - Silvery White
  2. Gullible - Champagne Rose
  3. Blade - Silvery Grey
  4. Gun Metal - Silvery Dark Grey
  5. Underground - Slight Metallic Black
  6. Noir - Matte Black (Super love this color)
  7. Intoxicated - Dark Greyish Green
  8. Envy - Dark Deep Green with a hint of black
  9. Obnoxious - Matte Dark Blue
  10. Abyss - Almost Similar to Obnoxious with more hint of Blue
  11. Twilight - Deep Purple (Currant) with slight Metallic
  12. Rebel - Wine, Burgundy, Plum 

Even without base, these are the best colors that I ever had. I'll try on more FOTD with this palette and Smokey with be almost effortless since the colors are all so intense.

To any of you gals out there and wants a palette for everything under the sun.. Please do go for this.


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