Thanks CLEO ^_^ - Won Beauteen Hamper

^_^ Thanks Thanks Thanks.. I love you so much CLEO..

Ever since I started reading CLEO almost 7 years... (stop calculating I'm not that old)..

I still remember it was August issue back in 2003 and a really interesting article caught my attention. and soon find myself piling on magazine each month.

So just thought of playing a game with lady luck - I send in sms for Beauteen contest in June issue to see if I can get some free hair colouring and save a trip to hair salon.. hehe ^

Selling at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets - RM 20++

^_^ I have won.... Just received an email today to collect my gifts at Hoyu main office.. I'll do a hair dying process once I get my hands on it hehehe..

Actually my current hair colour is also by Beauteen - French Beige.. Looks really good

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