OMG @~@

OMG! That the best description for the day.

I had a wonderful night out with buddy yesterday. We Blah Blah blah our way through the night and I pull out my phone and thought... aww the battery is dead.

So the first thing is do when i went home was let's feed the little one with some delicious AC/DC. Plugged it in and tadaa is ON.. no wait a second is not ON.. and the next thing that came out of my mouth was F**k S**t this B***h is dead. It was already the second one in JUST 1 WEEK.

But that really suck big time.

Another @~@ OMG thing that happen was, 'Hey there's still a reader" - You know who you are.. Yeah you didn't read wrongly "A" reader. Apparently there's only one I guess. If you wanna be listed the top ten leftover reader list please feel free to let me know.. I'll send you guys/gals some goodies for being such a faithful follower.

Seriously, this is not like those blog thingy that you get beauty tips or what out of it but it still serve some purpose at least you realize sometimes you ain't the S***-ist person around.

Puta Adios....Is SPANISH..

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