Bigger , Curvier.. ME

Update on the Body Shop launching over the weekend.

Friday - Set alarm 8am must wake up on time...

Saturday - 8 am (rinnggggg.. riingggg) ZZZZZZ =_= ZZZZZZ
9 am (look at the phone) @_@ WAHHHHHH....

Well I just never able to wake up on time in the weekends.. T_T

Instead of reaching at 10.30am, I reached somewhere about 11am and lucky me, still the first few in to grab the goodie bag.... ^_^

All the beautiful ladies are dressed in summer clothings, sun kissed skin tone, beautiful accessories and vibrant colors..

I was first given a cup of refreshing fruit juice - very berrylicious..

Follow by my lovely registration and also my goodies bag..

I was then being introduce to their new range of makeup consist of two bronzer, 5 Deplicious (gorgeous colors)lipstick, and their lime light of the day, the BIG and CURVY mascara.

Although the packaging was just the normal size.. what is BIG about it was the effect it gives to your lashes...

Well so to say.. I bought one for myself... it was on special discount that very day cost only RM 41.65 (n.p RM 48.90)

The SA also introduce to me their new range of deodorant which made by natural ingredient and its fragrance are made using essential oil.

The thing which I found it most fascinating is that it has refill pack.. @_@

Haha.. is it wonderful?

Body Shop is not only emphasizing on environmental factor + is also going more and more organic nowadays..

I saw this range of organic skincare but it is targeted to reduce fine lines and also all the ageing factors.. ^_^ Not yet...

So towards the end of the event, we had a lucky draw for some lucky galz.. and drum roll.... taddaa.. Congrats to this fabulous lady she won herself some lucky goodies..

And finally this is what I got that day...

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