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Do you believe in modern hi-tech skincare? Or all natural product? Why do we always choose either one?

Now we can have best of both worlds ! REN is in town..

A skincare range that was free from synthetic fragrance and colours, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, animal ingredients, PEGS, TEA/DEA, sulfates, silicones and parabens.

Back to the story, has given a chance to its reader to get their hands on REN.

Visit their website to understand more about their products

So I visited metrojaya midvalley during lunch today to redeem the 2 piece trial set and met counter manager Charlene.

She took sometime to understand my needs and recommended me to try out their " Multi mineral pore minimizing detox mask".

A deep cleansing and purifying mask formulated with French Clay to draw out impurities, remove excess sebum & eliminate dead skin. It also contains Spirulina, which is rich in essential fatty acids to encourage cell renewal.

I'm happy that she actually understand my needs & I hope that my skin will look different after using it. ^_^

*Multi Mineral Pore Minimizing Detox Mask is retailing at RM 130+ for 150ml.

Due to my eagerness to see the effectiveness of the product, I have tried the product.

It gets a little tricky applying the product as it does not glides on easily.It is sort of like hard creamy texture which make it slightly difficult to get an even spread on the skin.

The mask dry pretty quickly so it's good for some quick fix if you are on the run. Charlene told me to remove to mask by applying gentle circular motion on the face like doing exfoliation just before it completely dry off.

My skin looks brighten up a little and softer and I will finish up the rest of the tube to see if the results are positive by then.

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