Dim Sum Day

Just happen to went back to Ipoh last week.. Well is future-mummy-in-law's birthday..

We went Dim Sum the very morning... maybe it was quite sometime since my dim sum day in Ipoh.. i really miss it.

I suggested a place where I used to have my fav "har gau" when I was a kid. My grandpa used to own a photo parlor right behind this place and me and my cousin both hold the record of 7 plates of "har gau" each at one go.. hahaha..

So here's a little of what we had

Notice the pau on the right hand corner.. @_@ yes is a "big pau".. Is so big that I myself "woah" when I saw it.. We also ordered "har gau" of coz.. there's another "har gau king" which is exactly the size of the egg tart in the picture which we didn't order... The egg tart is crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside..freshly baked.. there is another version of more luxurious egg tart which come with bird nest.. Slurp..

This place is call "Yuk Fook Mun", ipoh mali should know where it is.. Just right across "Ming Court" another dim sum place famous for "Bite size" dim sum..

If you ppl happens to go Ipoh for Dim sum at the infamous "Foh San" but could not get a sit, do try this out is just Next Door on the same row..


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  1. awesome food here ! the char siew pau is the best !