Lancome 75th Anniversary

I look simply GORGEOUS..

Tuesday 3pm
girl : Hello, Ms Lam ...
Me : Hi, yes I am
girl : Congrats, you were chosen for a free makeover from Lancome
Me : @_@OMG.. that's great..
girl : So when would you like to get your make over done?
Me : Sat / Sun?
girl : Your area would be Pj, sorry but we only left slot for Friday
Me : ~_~!! (Gosh, on a work day?) Erm.. what time would that be?
girl : We have slot at 3pm in Pavilion
Me : T_T (Midvalley -> Pavilion)? Anywhere else?
girl : Metrojaya Midvalley?
Me : Yeah, ok I will book mine here. Can I have the lunch slot?
girl : Sure, I'll send you an email for confirmation purpose ya.
Me : Of coz
girl : Ok then, Bye...

Thursday 8pm
Karen: Hello, Ms Camie?
Me : Yes?
Karen: Calling from Lancome to confirm booking.
Me : Confirm Friday, 1 pm.
Karen: See you then

So there the whole story of it.. Besides a fabulous looking me (Karen - Metrojaya Midvalley Lancome to thank for).. There are more.. FREEBIES!!!!

Aside from the make over, I received Rm 250 worth of goodies as well..

2 Lancome Blanc Expert Neurowhite X3 Ultimate Whitening Radiance Reviving Petal
1 Juicy Tube
1 Free Make Over Voucher

Really looking forward to try the revival petal since it has great review, claimed to see results and difference in just one use.

I will post an update when I try it out. Really hope it does miracles on my uneven and scarred skin.

Thank CLEO... XOXO

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  1. Hi dear ^^Thx for following my blog ^^ I've followed back yours ^^
    Have you tried the juicy tube ? it is so sweeeeeeet.... lol..

  2. oo is it.. I have not try .. i'll do it tonight at home..

  3. nice make over! i got mine in very light make-up! followed your blog!

  4. Thanks for the support Wendy..haha mine looks so for the evening..