Young and Beautiful

26 June 2010 - Saturday 12pm

Attended REN workshop in Midvalley over the weekend. Arrived at 11.30 saw that the counter was quite empty so make a move to walk around and return by 12pm.

Meet John from for the first time. one cute fella he is.

Thanks for taking many picture of me.. hahaha

See the blue color thing over there..Is me.. ^_^

So let's talk about what I have learn..

REN basically means CLEAN

It may look simple but is not totally organic range.
It is a natural high technology skincare which consist of

body care

The new serum they introduce was Keep young and beautiful serum which contain SH2C, a formulation that will keep your skin looking radiance and wrinkle free.

What can it help?

Maintaining long cell life
Instant firming - Confirmed ^_^
Hydrating Skin - Very supple
Vitamin C for brightening and treat uneven skin tone

The result was obvious for both firming and hydrating.

Price wise was a whooping RM 320++ 30ml

Looking at the amount the SA put on me.. the serum probably last 2 months ??

But for those who have sensitive skin, REN happens to be the right product.

And lastly see what we got

*Pictures are all from John's blog.. He was the photographer of the day ^_^ Thanks John.

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