"The Fantastic Water Babes"

Was browsing through FB someday two weeks ago and saw that GSC was giving away free tickets and invitation to the pool side party for the premier of "The Fantastic Water Babe" movie with Gillian Chung.

The curious me decided to give it a shot - two ticket are mine. ^_^

So the event took place in Berjaya Time Square Hotel - with a press conference,, close up meeting with fans by the pool, public appearance in the main entrance and final appearance in the cinema to greet the fans before the show start.

Jeff from MY.fm was the host for the day and Gillian played some games with the fans during the poolside party. Winner gets to take picture with Gillian while the rest still receive some special goodies.

The movie speaks about a naive girl from an island at the outskirt of HK - Cheung Zhau. SHe felt in love with the Judo all star but soon left heartbroken as she was humiliated in front of many by the "other girlfriend" of his.

Thinking of revenge, she soon bump into her prince charming. However, the romance doesn't of ... normally. She kidnap him, he tried to escape - they fell in love..

The whole story was ridiculously funny and rather "over" at times.

Suggestion...... -_-!!

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