Is New... Fun Fun ^_^

What's new? What's fun? hehe

After having dinner just a while ago, me and my boy dropped by Speedmart99 to stock up some snacks as he suddenly have this craving for chips..

Browsing through the shelves.. I first grab Ribena - when was the last time I drink that?.... Can't remember.. and that's how long I never touch one..

As I walk aisle by aisle.. I saw MAMEE.. kid's food again...but this time something new.. in Curry Flavor..

RM1.49 pack of 4 + sms "n" win contest - me won Mamee merchandise (dunno what it might be)

Taste wasn't as flavorful as I expected. It was just a mild curry taste (not spicy at all) with a hint of curry fragrant...but something new and worth a try..^_^

Another newcomer that caught my eye was Mentos Jam Filled... still remember the Dentyne Splash? Is similar to that but this one you can swallow..

Going for RM1.50 a bar - Strawberry Lemon Flavor

So cute right... wait till u see how it looks like inside... taste was "fun" is very appetizing I would say. The sweet and sourish taste..

Is so fat... and juicy inside.. haha

To my surprise, both product was actually doing pretty well .. Snack on babe..

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