Paparazzi... - GaGa Me

CLEO + Ricoh - Organized 2 sessions of caught you on camera -- say cheese ^_^ sessions @ MPH and Times Bookstore in Pavilion, One U and The Curve during the weekends.

Speaking of paparazzi, the Gaga me must not let this opportunity wasted..

Why? Coz I might stand a chance to bring home Ricoh's new R10 camera worth RM999..

Condition - visit their booth and post FIERCELY with CLEO August Issue.. aww but you've gotta vote and when this became the part of the condition.. is very unlikely that I'm Gaga enough.. -_- but I still must not miss the slightest chance given.

rawrr... oo

Pinky & Wendy.. Cutez... ^_^

Woah.. Sexy Kelly

Aww.. so cute
Some CLEO Goodies up for grab... first 50 readers per day...
The goodies varies in bag, this is what in mine.

It was much fun to be able to be Gaga once a while.. and thanks for organizing such fun activities...

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  1. hey babe! didnt notice you take a pic of me and wendy lolx..nice having a lovely lunch with you =)hope we would have lunch together with other bloggers too

  2. Me too Pinky... nice lunch with you.. enjoy your trip k..

    muahaha paparazzi in the houz.. hehe ^_^