I am Seventeen Again...

Just a day after I step foot back in KL - workshop time again ^_^

It was one of the most gorgeous event organized by Seventeen Magazine together with Skincare by Origins, Nails by NailTek, Makeup by Mac & Hair tips by Schwarzkopf

Though I found the venue a little extraordinary, it was held at Ecoba @ PJ trade (BATA building somewhere after The Curve)

All people very punctual , the late one is taking pics hehe ^_^

Event scheduled from 10.30am till 3.30pm - Gosh @_@ Sounds long? But not enough time actually
The management took the responsibility to call up all attendance (I got a call I was about to be late @ 10.20am) to ensure the event start on time - very punctual indeed

So after registering myself, I was handed a small little bag with 2 Essie Nail Color, 1 Base & 1 Top Coat + Nail Filer + 4 Way Nail Buffer + a bottle of Hand & Body lotion.

I found a sit in the second front row and we started off with Origins Skin Regime lesson. I was given a small card with Skin Analyzer Sebum Indicator a.k.a Your Skin Is Oily And You Cannot Lie -_- !!!

Zero Oil - Contains Palmetto to control the oil sebum from the inside for Oil Free Skin

After washing & scrubbing my face, my skin feel so smooth and brighten.. Soft Soft..

Hehe like very good complexion only.. ^_^

Followed by 10 Mins Mask, I was recommended to use a combination of Charcoal Mask for my t-zone and Drink Up Mask for the rest of the area. Charcoal Mask contains active ingredient therefore will feel some tingling sensation when using it.

Now the last step is to boost my skin and force feed it with multiple moisturizer to refrain it from getting worst.... Shuuuu Shuuu go away oil...

Ginzing eye cream, Modern Fiction serum for cell renewal, Oil Free moisturizer, Sunblock (Tinted)

Second half of the workshop we learn about how to apply nail tips the express way - beautiful French manicure in minutes proudly presented by Serene from Nail Tek. After the nails we headed to the MAC table where I met with June (Sunway). She gave me a personal lesson on makeup using their mineral shadow. The best tip learned was how to create a crease when you don't have any. You can either use a matter brown medium dark shade or a maroon color to place it in between where the highlight and shadow met. This can reduce the puffiness and create some depth for the eyes. ^_^

Didn't get the chance to capture the process - all hands occupied

We got a half n hour break for lunch... really hungry. Food was alright nothing much to shout about. I found the spaghetti a little oily and soggy. Same goes to the vege n the fish.. My fav was the creme brulee and also the grapes..

Final station, we hoop on to the Schwarzkopf corner and take the ride together with Bang Bang.
He told us the importance of pre-styling product, how to create wonderful fringe, how to curl your own hair and how to create volume. There are 3 types of comb we use in common, peddar brush is use to de-tangle hair, thermal brush is use to style hair(easier to shape coz will transfer heat from hair dryer) and also wood brush.

Unlike hair styling product, we apply pre-styling product at the root not the end of the hair. To creat volume, simple apply the product at the root of the hair, bend your head over (facing the floor) and brush your hair using the peddar brush in the opposite direction (from the back of the head to the front). Once done, just flip your hair back up and slightly comb your hair to look neat and tidy.

Not to miss out is that throughout the workshop, we have lucky draws that consist of prizes worth RM 300 each sponsored by all brands. My number was not called up until the end and missed the MAC round - but to my surprise Seventeen actually prepared gift for every single attendees of the workshop. I end up walk away with Origins product worth RM 300. Plus by the end of the workshop each of us receive yet another goodie bag filled with products from sponsors.

So Happy ^_______^ Big Smile


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