Aqua Label Workshop

Attended the Aqua Label workshop last Sat at their HQ in Mutiara Damansara @ Shiseido .

Aqua Label range comes in 2 line of products - Whitening & Moisturizing

Whitening & Whitening for Acne (Green)


So we were given each a piece of paper with some questions that can use to determine our skin type.
I'm more towards type c - Oily Skin

We were taken through a series of slides that explain the basic content that Aqua Label holds and what makes it the No.1 Self selection series product in Japan.

The secret within is the Moist Aqua Keeping Base that works in 3 steps - Penetrate + Fill + Keep
So what's the difference? Is it just another water based moisturizing product?

Let's see how it works... the Moist Aqua Keeping Base work a chain that lock up all the moist that is in our skin so that our skin does not feel 'thirsty' all the time.

In the picture is Ms Tofu soak in water vs soak in AquaLabel - the difference is quite obvious.
Tofu soak in water was soft almost spongy feeling when touch while the other tofu was much firmer and "boing boing" in comparison. Reason was, like our skin cell, the tofu without the base are not able to keep the moist in and evaporate slowly when it came in contact with the surroundings.

Muahaha.. Half face Mask.. Photo by Nicole@Love-Your-Face

Haha the happy faces of crazy women after a nice pampering session ^_^
Photo taken by Tammy @ Plussizekitten

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