Wah Chan Great Grabs

I'm going to update this post when I'm home later - pics to show you people..

Great news for all, from 9 Nov - 14 Nov, Wah Chan is having a roadshow in Midvalley (South Court in front of Jusco) for couple rings @ Rm 499 onwards... not one ring but a pair @_@

Well that's not the BIG news yet... the big news is that from 2.15 pm onward every 2 hours till 6pm they will be having an auction to bid YELLOW SAPPHIRE starting from RM 10 onwards...

Not big enough? Here's more !! RM 1 for a DIAMOND...... or a PEARL NECKLACES @_@

Only for the 1st 20 people daily, YES DAILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well if you exceeded 1st 20, you will still receive a pair of beautiful pearl earrings. ^_^ Session start at 2pm.

Best if you go before that. ^_^

I reach at 1pm already more than 20 people...

And also lots more promotion... Quick people..

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  1. Wah serious ah?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!? Crazy man!!!