Can't live with TECH ~ Girls too...

Wonder if I can survive one day without my phone , internet, computer - the answer is YES !! Whenever I travel to China, I survived my trip without any of these tech-kie stuff.

But then, I always think that since "convenience" is in my hand why should I trouble myself?

And things comes in really handy with all sorts of apps currently available in the market.

I enjoyed watching movie every now and then but working 9am - you know what time it can be, does not allow me have movie any more often. Not because I work late, is because I don't have the time to buy ticket and I can never access the online ticketing because is block (company IT -_-).

Lucky me that I have this app in my phone to help me out - so much faster and hassle free plus there's movie trailer for me to watch.

Maxis Movie ~

Plus and advantage of it is tadaa.... you don't get it cause you ain't using it... hahahahaha..


What about the ladies? Apps are so tech-kie.. na you are so wrong...

Look at this one here ---> I love this apps so much , it teaches makeup and nail art inspired by some of the latest trend as well as hot red carpet look by hollywood superstar...

Its so dazzling and cute with pink and glitters all over ^_^

BarryM ~

See the M-Club Gallery Icon - you can upload your face of the day, nail of the day to share with others... Also you can save the video that you like.. the downside - must run on WIFI connection.

O_O Tech is not for girls too...

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