NOPS (Natural Organic Plants) - All in One “SNAIL” Healing Cream

O_o’’ Snail? Yes. As I speak write, I’m rather surprise to find very minimal information about this brand online.

So what’s in this “All In One Healing Cream” - main ingredient is definitely going to be.. not the whole snail of cause, is snail secretion filtrate (filtered) followed by a string of alien language and also raspberry fruit extract. It also contains adenosine and peptide an anti wrinkle formula that stimulates new collagen and elastin fibers.

Once open, you will find a jar of mucus looking white gel that has a sticky texture. By now I would have just cover it back up and put it a side. But not this time, it says here that this 100% fragrance and color free “cream” repairs tired and aging skin and also protect your skin.

It has a texture like a sticky sleeping mask, but once applied on the skin - it absorbed so fast that you don’t remember putting it on. I’m surprise with it as well. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky nor having a layer of film on top. It just works it way in so quickly. Is one of the better moisturizer for my oily skin.

However, as fast as it may absorb - I find it not moisture enough with one application. I’ll need to re - apply twice. For long hours, I still find it a little light - weight. Maybe because my skin is too dehydrated and I really need more than just one cream to do the task.

Before & After

Selling at RM 110 a jar for 75g - is actually about the average market price. It maybe a little too “Organic” for some of you but if you are interested with this, I suggest you head over to
Sunway Pyramid and try it out yourself.

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  1. Wow, amazing result (before & after).. i got da sample of this cream frm NOPS supplier, but dunno this give such amazing u think it worth its price? Penang got sell?

  2. can you suggest me some good product from NOPS? I've been thinking about getting an essence =D thanks

  3. for more information for nops products, kindly visits for more details

  4. thanks Cathy for the link ~ as far as I know there's only one outlet in Sunway Pyramid KL