RMK Spring Shimmer Collection - Gleam Up ! Update

So as I posted previously on the RMK spring collection, I went to Pavilion on Saturday.

Surprisingly I arrived early ~ good ^_^ and got lot's of time to play swatch

For this spring, RMK launch its collection with "crayons" ~

From left to right : Silver, Gold, Bronze, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green & Beige @ RM 144 each.
It has a dual end design, one side fat crayon ~ and another side is a sponge tip with shimmer coating in the cap (matching color). This is to use for smudging the line to give you a softer look.

From left to right : Red, Rose, Beige pink, Beige, Coral, Pink @ RM 85
Again this also comes in a fat juicy crayon form and its very smooth to glide on. Very nude lip colors for this spring.

This season most love ~ candy nail color !! Pastel colors yet it comes with pearl finish slightly shimmer like gummy with sugar ~ super love this
This is the entire spring collection ~ wonderful colors for this exciting season..

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