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Today’s topic - “Hydration”

Many of us are very concern when we hear the word “Hydration” or in my case “De-hydrated”. It is a very common symptom often occurs to Asian skin. There’s so many cream and gel in the market that offers you the “hydrating” factor but works only to maintain its level.

So we have this product(s) call MASK. It is very important to our skin just like vitamins and it is best that we could keep it as a routine - twice every week.

For a quick fix, you can opt for sheet mask like this one - Neogence Hydrating Mask.

This is a mask that provides deep hydration which enhances the degree of water replenishment. It contains hyaluronic acid (instant hydration & rapid water replenishing) and algae extract (skin refining).

Unlike other sheet mask, the essence within is more of a gel like form which I find it rather interesting. It is less messy (no essence dripping every way), richer and more jam pack with essence (30ml a piece - that’s like my whole bottle of serum).

It’s mask design is also something that you may not came across so often. It is a full face sheet that covers the eye as well. Because it’s a hydrating mask, its actually gently enough to be use even on the eye area. However, I find the mask slightly to small for my face (still some space left at the side and forehead).

Like most of the mask, I suggest to leave the mask to a maximum of 20 minutes top. And the remaining, please benefit them to your neck, elbow and any way else that you feel dry.

Selling @ RM 65 for a box of 6 pieces - I would think is rather reasonable (Think 30ml hydration concentrate = a bottle of serum). Consider that you apply alternate mask (whitening, deep cleansing, anti dullness) once a week, this can last up to 1.5 months.

Available in all SASA nationwide.

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