“I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!”

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

The pirates are back and this time, their journey takes you to a place unknown - On Strangers Tide.

Nuffnang once again generously sponsors ticket to the premier of Pirates of the Carribean - On Strangers Tides!

So my task is to answer one simple question ~ think of the best 3 things being a pirate.

Top of my list - get to meet Jack Sparrow on the course and romantically fall in love with this handsome yet slightly evil captain. Steer my heart away ! rawr ~

Second, treasure hunting ! I will take on the journey to unveil every buried treasure and salvage every sunken ship for its gold and precious item.

Lastly, fighting sea monster, mystical creature and meeting beautiful ladies as my journey continue.

A journey once begin that will never end !!!

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