Garnier Skins Natural Light Control Oil Cream

Like its existing range of products, Garnier Natural Light protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB at the same time it works to even out skin tone and remove skin dullness.

This new formulation comes with Herba-white complex which works as an anti-bacterial exfoliates to combat off excess oil, brighten and even out skin tone at the same time. Giving you significant skin improvement in just 28 days.

Having the chance to give this product a try, I still find the texture of this cream a little too rich even it’s meant for oily skin. While my T- zone does show slight improvement on the “shine” control, but still it did not last me for the next 8 hours like how it mentioned. Similarly, the scent of this cream highly resembles its "relative" products in the range as this also contained lemon extract.

Packaging of this cream is generic as any of those in the market and strongly reflects the Garnier Natural Light range with yellow and white as the major component in its color choice.

Selling for RM 9.90 (40ml). There's is no second though require if you are really into whitening oil control cream and also lemon scent.

Available at all major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide.

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