X-MEN Psychic Challenge - Yuberactive

Emma: Just the perfect place for the two of us ~
Shaw: I know you will like it for sure~

Charles: There's something I need to talk to you ~ I think Emma is seeing someone.
Eric: Well I think you are just stressed up about the preparation stuff. Just relax..

Emma: I think Charles found out about our meeting at the ice vault the other day.
Shaw: So? There's nothing to hide. Do you want me to tell him what's going on?
Eric : See, there's nothing to worry ~ it was just a surprise party!
Charles (in heart) : I bet you have known about this all the time~
Everyone (cheer) : Woah ! What is that ~

I am participating in the “X-Men Psychic Challenge” blogging contest, organised in conjunction with the launch of X-Men: First Class and Malaysia’s first Superheroes Fanfest @ Farenheit88. For more info, go to www.yuberactive.com/xmen_psychic_challenge.php

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