MAC Wonder Woman - Amazon Princess

One of the blush from my previous review on the MAC Wonder Woman collection is this pink brown shimmer duo blusher. Similar to the Marquise D, it’s packaging is designed in comically red and blue with the Wonder Woman emblem on the cover. Open up the case and you will find wonder woman’s head gear incorporated in the gold rim design for this compact blush.

As you can see, it is rather intense and very visible on my cheeks. The brownish pink shimmer is very sheer in color, which is good because you do not want to look like getting bruise from a punch or something with a pink brown patch in your face. However, I don’t really fancy the color as it comes out rather red pink sort of color and I think it looks a little weird on me. Kinda like having sensitive skin reaction on my cheeks.

I’m not sure if this is common for MAC products but so far non of my compacts fell apart like this one. It was still looking good the when I first open it and to my horror, the whole blush fell off its metal case when I reached home. The sides shattered and bits falling off all over. Luckily I manage to salvage it in one pieces and place it back into the pan. I realized this happen only to this particular palette in this collection. I browse back the launch photo and saw those display/makeover units also suffered from the same problem

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