Fright Night ~ O_O ~ ooO Scary

Well just reached home from Cathay Cineplex watching Fright Night premier. Thanks to Lilian who gave me the 2 tickets for joining her blog giveaway.

Lucky me is a couple seat this time and a horror movie - what a coincidence.

Some of you may know that this will not be a horror - horror kind of movie. It's actually sort of gruesome, nerve breaking comedy.

Yes there will be some super "close your eye" scene on vampires feasting and there are also scenes where you will laugh your way out.

First of all, please focus on Mr Vampire himself as he is the utmost famous and handsome Colin Farell.

That's your vampire ~ ^_^ now who wants a bite? 

I do not wanna break the suspense therefore I'm going to just briefly go through the side lines. The story started of with some missing school kids, a kid who thinks he is brave enough, a person who regretted not believing his friend, a hot chick and some actions that involves blood.

Well all I can say it's worth a watch but if you are a super fanatic of gruesome movie - this one may not be there yet. Hot bad guy with super hot chick in action? Yes the movie involve this one. 

The movie is mid length almost touching 2 hours, a little draggy up front, a little rush towards the end. 

Definitely not your other twilight ~

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