Clinique - Who's that Girl Contest

Partnering with The Star: Clove2 - Clinique is currently organizing a contest namely “Who’s that girl?”

With the idea of inspiring young women in building self confidence and to find their own sense of grooming personality. 

Targeting especially amongst those aged 16 - 28 years old (within the range of contest requirement). However, this does not stop those who wish to seek advice from the Clinique experts for tips and tricks on how to pull off the look you desire.
The makeover focus on 4 different personalities which include “Laid-Back Luxe”, “Classic Chic”, “Fashionably Flirty” and “Downtown Cool”. A glance at the 4 women figures featured definitely reminds me of the series “Sex & The City”.

So, what are these 4 looks about? Which one suit you best? Now read carefully and choose for yourself. Personally I do think everyone posses some extend of adaptability and will be able to carry different look anywhere, anytime.

“Laid Back Luxe” is reflecting someone who are more of a free-spirit person, a modern day flower child. Liking the idea of free flowing dresses accessories with down to earth tones. If this is you, the look to go with will be a bronze-lit skin, natural pretty eyes and coral tinted lips. Wearing makeup like you have none.

If you think you might want to be someone over the cool side, “Downtown Cool” will bring you the idea of having smoky eyes pair with a sheer subtle lip for a effortless looking yet chic way. Smoky is not necessarily black or Goth looking - soft smoky can be done using deep shades of purple, blue and even brown or grey. It will remain feminine and soft but gives you the cool killer glimpse in another.

“Fashionably Flirty” will be your girl to glam look with flushed cheeks and glossy lips pair with super lashes. Dress in figure flattering skirts and sky high heels, I will say she’s super hot too. If you are someone more colorful do try this out. 

Now sometime you may think being a “Classic Chic” is a little too conventional or boring. Being classic is about never about too much colors, it’s focuses on having flawless skin, natural eyes and a modern twist with super red lips. It gives you the “always-polished” and crisp looking charm.
What I choose was merely a choice based on my outfit of the day. I go with the “Laid-back Luxe” look and I opted for green to match my jade bangle instead of the more earthy brown. Knowing the Clinique team well, I requested Suzy who was one of the beauty consultant instead to gave me the gorgeous makeover.
  1. Super moisture makeup in true beige
  2. Super fine liner in deep brown (*tips - draw a liner across the upper brow and another liner under the arch file the brow using the brow brush instead of stroke to give a more natural finish)
  3. Blended faced powder in transparency
  4. Color surge eyeshadow quad in lemongrass
  5. Blusher in Cupid
  6. High impact mascara 
  7. Buttershine lipstick in poppy love
Product use for my "Laid Back Luxe" look
Close -up one the makeover
Snap 2 pictures (1 full length, 1 face shot) of yourself after the makeover and click on the following link to join the contest**. Winner will stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM 8000 !! 
To join the contest, simply head over to any Clinique counter for the makeover and you will also walk away with a 7 day scrub cream plus a long last gloss wear *** upon consultation.

** Contest open to female Malaysia aged 16 - 28 years old
*** One set to a client. While supplies last
****Contest extended till 30th November

Join the contest now ~~

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