SHILLS - 1st Blogger Party

A recent invite by SHILLS to its 1st Blogger event at Berjaya Time Square has given me the chance to know more about the products offer by this mega beauty from Taiwan.

Throughout the day ~
With Pinky & Jean
During the event, we were shared the interest of the brand in being Gorgeous, Luxurios and Natural. Many of their products are developed through the understanding in plant extract and natural ingredient that are beneficial to the our skin.

A few of their star products include the Bio Active Stem Cell Combat Series which contains apple extract which helps to protect skin from premature aging and actively regenerate new cells. While these may be more suitable for those aged 25 and above, there are a few more new products that I find it rather fascinating.
Demo on applying the full regime on one of the volunteer
In this hot and humid weather, our skin tends to secrete oil very quickly. It not only melt away our makeup but leave our skin feeling utterly discomfort and sticky. SHILLS newly introduce -5c Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray not only gives you the cooling effect, it also tighten up pores and restore moisture balance. Though it is not as cooling (-5c) as its name, the spray does soother the skin and keep you fresh from the heat.

It's so hot ~~~
My skin feel so cool now ^_^
Another interesting but extremely disturbing product would be SHILLS 3M Bubble Body Scrub. Feeling confused? Bubble? Scrub? The specially of this product is that the particle is very small in super fine bubble texture which allow easy penetration into the pores to remove excess oil and impurities. It contains papaya and pumpkin enzyme that gently exfoliated the dead skin cell.
Foamy ~ Charcoal extract to clean up pores
Aaarrr ~ better get one now
One my favorites is their super best seller, the ANOSA slimming patch. Reason being would be the slimming effect and furthermore would be ease of use. It allows your body to burn away fats at any targeted area that you wish by just sticking the patch less than an hour. It is recommended to use the patch once a week and just like every other product you will need sometime before seeing visible result. I would suggest to get a box (8pieces) and use it in area like arm, thigh or tummy to get the best effect. 

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