Clinique - Derma White C10 Brightening Anti-Age Serum

As I remember, this has been in the market for quite sometime. I have not personally bought this, it was from the GWP of my last purchase. 

Since I have run out of ANR and won't be getting one till the next sales season. I decided to give this a try. I have previous experienced the turnaround serum and the brightening serum which both work very well for my skin. 

The difference from those mentioned, this is actually a "home-made" fresh serum. Inside the package contains bottle of serum and a tube of vitamin C powder. It claims to help boost natural collagen and goes beyond brightening to strengthen skin's resistance to future darkening.

It's lightweight oil-free formula is suitable for all Skin types. 

Sounds promising right? Once you have done your little mixing magic to the serum, it will last you for a week. It's not because of the portion but it's the active ingredient that are not to kept more than 7 days.

I'll start using this today and will make a comparison update in 7 days later. However, I'm not sure if this is still available at the counter.

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