From the great creation of mother nature, three centres of the Guerlain Orchidarium (the Experimental Garden in Switzerland, the Basic Research Laboratory in France, and the Exploratory Nature Reserve in China) uncover the secrets of longevity - New-Generation Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract (IOME).  Found in the deep primitive forest of Yunnan Provence China,  Vanda coerulea and Vanda teres. are the Two tropical species with excellent longevity potential selected by the Guerlain Orchidarium  by the Experimental Garden, Geneva.

The Imperial orchid Molecular extract contains the formulation that: -
  • Renewal of the epidermis and to maintaining the skin’s youthfulness
  • Improves the skin’s resistance to water stress and damage
  • Stimulates mechanisms that help the skin to restore its intra-epidermal moisture levels
  • Stimulates the production of an anti-inflammatory protein 
  • Combats the spiral of immunoageing
  • Preserves the original composition of the cell membrane
  • Reinforces DNA protection 
  • Controls the overproduction of melanin

OrchidĂ©e ImpĂ©riale cream - an intensive nourishing age-defying Rich Cream which meet the demands in terms of both texture and results. Rich in fatty acids, which are essential for keeping the skin supple and in good condition, it provides a truly excellent response to the needs of dry skin. Extract of Vanda Coerulea act as the  stimulates mechanisms that will help restore moisture levels in the epidermis to keep the skin supple and hydrated. Its unique and mysterious scent with a fresh top note is introduced by rose petal, brightened by a touch of anise. The base is delicate and comforting, with woody cedar notes softened by vanilla.

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