Linden Leaves - Essential Facial Moisturiser

Linde Leaves - Essential Facial Moisturiser contains 3 main ingredients which include the infamous calendula oil, comfrey extract and neroli essential oil.

It's texture is more towards light cream base that does not leave the skin feeling greasy. It's easily absorb yet doesn't leave a layer of afterglow on skin.

Use this product as the core base moisturiser and combine with any other booster if necessary.

Calendula is natural skin healer that contains high amounts of flavonoids, plant based antioxidants. It also reduce skin swelling thus suitable for all skin types.

Comfrey is commonly found in Scotland, known for its valuable cell  proliferant allantion (cell regeneration) which speeds up healing noticeably.

Neroli is the blossoms of Bitter Orange which known for its enticing aroma as well as soothing effect for the nervous system. Not only it act as a natural brightener for skin but also improve skin elasticity.

Linden Leaves - Essential Facial Moisturiser is available at both TheSkinTopic counters in Subang Parade & Pavilion KL.

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