Magic Colour Lens ~ Abracadabra

Glasses were originally invented as a spectacular corrective tool for those in need of better vision. While it still serves its initial purpose in these days, more and more people own not just one but many for various reasons.

Cosmeticological and aesthetic value seems to be one of the reason in the blooming trend of getting what we used to view as "only if necessary"

Contact lenses on the other hand does not seems to be much of a fan for those who actually need glasses. In fact its much closer cousin the "color lenses" and "barbie lenses" seems to be more favourable amongst those who didn't really need them.

Nonetheless, I personally finds it rather thankful for the creation of such enhancement because just like makeup not only it helps to conceal imperfection but it also help to boost a certain level of self-confidence in oneself.

As always, pictures speaks louder than words so I suggest to see for yourself.

Isn't this amazing ~ ^^ Sometimes, we need not worry about picking colours that are less conservative just because we don't really born with colourful eyes. There's another whole lots more of details when it comes to picking up the right pair of contact lens for oneself. For me, it has to be the right size (I have wide iris) thus  I'll need to pick those lenses that offers 16mm diameter and definitely look for one that gives you the highest water content possible.

For those who are interested in getting your own pair of color lens - try MagicColourLens. They are currently running a promotion for RM 200 - 10 pairs !!! While stock last ~

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