Unboxing : The Note of a Black Piano

Like fashion and trend , everything evolves within a cycle ~

In the world of lenses and films, cameras comes in all shape and sizes. Not only its impressive with functions and motions, some even do so without much function or so to say getting back to basic.

Artistic and creativity are two of the far most debatable area in the universe. As such, some view manual as being top of the "skill" pyramid and required great deal of technical expertise to master.

For me, just say I wanted something "instance", "fun" and "exciting" like Christmas. You will never know what's in box until you open the wrapper. LOL so much reasoning from a pure shopaholic.

So ~ I got myself this - a Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s !! Da Black Piano !!!

Slide the trigger on left side of the camera to load the film ~
Insert the CR2 batteries into the slot on the ride ~
 Take a quick snap to dispose the film cover (black sheet on the left) before your actual shooting ~

Voila ~ your instax is ready to go !! Now snap away with your own creativity, you may draw or frame it up and even caption it whichever way you like.

Good thing about this model is that it comes with a timer and continuos shots so you can set it up for group photo or duplicate shots instantly. Also, this model does its own setting (auto mode) on lighthing and exposure yet gives you the flexibility to lighten or darken the picture for a little tweak per se.

You can also get a close up lense to mount on the camera itself to grab a perfect snap shot of self potrait.. Lot's fun for parties, event and some memorable moments. I somehow found each shot gives me a reminiscing nostalgic feeling about it. A true capturing the moment kinda feeling.

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