Flash your Lashes!!

Do you desire long luscious looking lashes? Hate spending minutes glueing on those fake falsies that sometimes too stubborn to stay put? End up looking too dolly and out of space?

Well perhaps is time to forget about those and still able to look gorgeous in just 30 minutes. Not everyday but once in a month. Interested just yet? 

Some of you may already know what I'm going to introduce next. Yes! It's definitely no other than the almighty eye lash extension that helps enhance your look the most natural and hassle free way.

Thanks to Maggie from Pink Passion for her invite to experience my first ever eye lash extension experience. I have definitely tried out several eye lashes enhancement including your normal falsies and eyelash perming. As curious as I can be and overly excited with its outcome, a small part of me still fear that it may come out looking too fake or what's not. 

I'll let you beautiful people to see for yourself. 

Pink Passion is equipped with professional consultants to advice on how your lashes should look like depending on your everyday lifestyle's need. As for me, I'm a minimalist when it comes to makeup. Thus, I was advice to go for a more natural lash look with a slight "tail" at the outer corner to elongate my eyes making it bigger and more energetic. These extensions comes in 3 different lengths and will be mix & match according to create the best effect that suits your facial features.

Before - Where's my lashes?
I'm definitely hooked up with the result and is been over a week now yet the lashes still looks as flattering as before.
After - Lashes! Looks all so perky and cute
For those of you who wish to give it a try, here's some little motivation for you. I personally finds it so much more worthy compared to those falsies that cost you ten of dollars and spending all those time to make sure it stay put on your lids.
Download the image, print it out and call in to book a slot now! Be sure to make your appointment prior to visiting as they do sell like hotcakes and is rather unlikely you will be able to squeeze a spot between these bumble bees without making a reservation.

Pink Passion

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