Dear Lady 21st

Yeah! In approximately 11 hours later I'm officially 21 years of age.. hehe

I'm glad that today will be the day I step foot into the adulthood at the same time say good bye to teenage. well back to business..

What I did yesterday? or I should say what I "BOUGHT" yesterday. huhuhu.. Don't get me wrong I'm just a simple shopaholic..

While I was accompanying my friend to find her a pair of shoe last week, we both eyed on one particular pair on the rack.. Thought is of no brand, the design is simply gorgeous. And of course, this beauty ended up on our feet and my oh my .. hehe so my friend bought it. Yes my friend bought it, you must be thinking what about me? Well I was reluctant, and regretted as soon as I reach home. In order to reduce my guilt, hhmm.. Yeah I bought it yesterday. haha

Isn't She Beautiful

Unfortunately my damage didn't stop here. As I was on the way home I happen to walk passed some small little boxes filled with colorful little creatures that look so adorable and DElicious. Yes Delicious.. hehe.. Confused? Uncertain? Look below.. hehe

Gummy bear & Gummy worm.. evil little creature

Last but not least I must say a BIG Thank You to Ms Bell and Ms Joyce for their lovely gift.. I haven't open yet.. must leave it for tonight.. hehe MUACKS kiss kiss love you all.. uhuhh..

Lovely gift from Lovely people

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