OMG ! I'm an over-fried chicken

My old my, of nearly 15 years in my life that I never came across the word "skincare". I started realizing the importance of it just a few years back. Why was that so?

Two months ago while I was happily strolling around midvalley, I passed by a promotion booth and guess what, it was Biotherm. Well I have always adore Takeshi Kaneshiro. ;) handsome.. hehe

So there was this free skin analysis and I thought, "Mmm, free! my skin also quite good (minus the scar left by itchy fingers) sure no problem". Just after then...

Lighthing struck, thunderstorm... omg i'm an Over-fried chicken. My skin happens to be oily yet dehydrated. Of coz I did hide my dirty little secret when the SA ask me if i seldom drink water (will cause dehydrate skin), I said no. Sobz..

So it happens and blah blah blah.. Haiz.. finally I spent.. Sorry mummy, I buy again.
After 30 seconds of serious consideration than I thought, " well since i don't have a complete set, why not?"

There you go, so I bought according to the SA recommendation which is an Aquotrio program consist of

Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Gel
Biosource Clarifying Lotion
Aquasource non stop

Happy Trio =)

I've just started using it a week ago. As for the result, it didn't really "WOW" me like my previous product but as for what I pay I see good value for money. This set was sold at RM 190 and the kind SA gave me another 50ml cleansing gel for *FREE.. yeah!
* Note : you will always see this magical words in my future blog.. haha

This is consider a rather high profile item that need not to be said much as many people review before. Nevertheless I will post an update of the final result of using it in the later days.

That's all for today.. Ciaoz

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