Far Far Away Land

Let's rewind back to two weeks ago and start from there.

On 4th march 09, Ms Camie went out with four of her housemates to celebrate her - 21st Birthday .

Camie was dressed in teal, courtesy of beloved housemates which look like this

Camie in Teal by Bella & friends.

Camie had nando's for the night, follow by blazing fire drinking sessions ala lipstick jungle style.

Peri peri Me.. make it hot and spicy..

Camie B'day no cakey.. but is okie.. see what i got.. scroll down baby..

Camie's Cakey & Nee nee

So it was a fantastic night out with Camie's angels.. and the end result was.. B'day girl got too drunk and pass out on the way home. B'day girl's dearie Ms Belle did the fast n furious home that night.

B'day girls present of the year.. Thank you my angels and also the handsome one (you know who u are)

Oh ya got cakey from new housemates..

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