The actual B'day - Camie B

So yesterday was a big night out, hung over? Nah not that extreme.

Camie B'day go simple, a night out with a handsome man and some good food.

Outbackie.. steakie. and lemonader..

Camie B had good food and yummy yummy that night. Oh there was a third party not seen in the picture. sroll down and see see who's the baby.

Say hi to everybody baby Alicie.

Camie B night out in Bangsar was great - next stop La bodega drink drink session.
Conversations were scandalous whole night. Full of black secret but not to be shared here.. censored

Drink Drink Camie B - Drunk

So that was the end of Camie B - Big Girl B 'day. Still drunk till now.. Life is so unreal

Cheers! people cheers! Celebrate Life to the Fullest babe..

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  1. Dude , you're now officially indian !!
    Drunkard !!
    Can join bella and groups ady !!
    Two weeks , puked 3 times.
    Bravo .
    Way to go Girl!!