Food for thought..

I have visited quite a number of eateries for the past few weeks.
Therefore here will be some update of food that Camie B was impressed. What have i ate?

So Camie B is in the pic! Biting Fran Whipps Strawberry Flavor. Next to Camie B is " Gun Tong Gao" - use cantonese to read k. Rather tasty but wasted at the dumpling skin, simply too thick. Above Camie B is some tasty snacks mailed by one of mua BFF from Japan. Honto ni arigatoo Takasan. Limited edition prawn cracker & Pretz. Camie B tried out 1901 hotdoggy for only rm 1.99. YES! Some dessert came into action too - mango sago shaved ice. My oh my, simple sweetheart in a bowl. Never underestimate Mango Power. Finally is Camie B's Korean lunch - Kamzahamida. Is called Bulgogi - marinated beef cook in soya sauce and vegetable served with rice and also Banchann (kimchi & etc). That's noot just all. See what else Camie B bought....


Camie B 6th March Tupperware limited edition couple tumbler. Oh My god, isn't it gorgeous? Is so sweet. I first saw it in Cleo mag and i decided a must buy on the spot.

Furry earrings and candy B was so adorable. Spotted them in Connaught last week. Once again me fall for Korean foodie.. this time is Bibimbap. Mixed vege & rice cook in stone bowl top with eggy and mince meaty. Must intro " Jacky & Jillian - Wasabi Salmon flavor chips"! Tadaa.. I was surprised to found it in Jusco two weeks back. I saw it in a drama and wanted it so badly. Thought only available in Hong Kong but na.. I found it.

Haha.. Will be heading home this weekend. My friend is getting married - Congratulation Love birds.

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