Jurlique .. Aromatherapy Workshop

Thanks to cute kitty - Tammy from Plus Size Kitten I gate crashed another event of the day.. ^_^ Precisely it wasn't really a gate crashing thing.. it was more like playing lady luck !!

Knowing that Jurlique was a brand of 25 years, their founder believe that "It is impossible to manufacture pure skincare, so we grow it instead'.

Their skincare is based on three simple value :-

organic - naturally planted sources without pesticide
biodynamic - a method of preservation of the soil to its best condition
sustainable - re-plantation of harvested sources to replenish loss nutrient to the soil

Aromatherapy which is main part of the workshop teaches us how to accommodate the use of essential oil in our routine lifestyle.

There are many ways as told by Ms Choi - training manager of Jurlique that we can integrate aromatherapy to our lifestyle, body and soul.

We can indulge ourselves in massage, relax our mind through inhaling of the scent, soaking our body in essential oil infuse bath and also through the compression from the outer layer of our skin and slowly absorb through the surface till deep down

We get to prepared three types of different essential oil by ourselves which include

Stress Relief
Almond carrier oil 15ml
Lemon essential oil 3 drops
Lavender essential oil 2 drops
Geranium essential oil 1 drop

Muscle Ache & Pain Relief
Almond carrier oil 15ml
Lavender essential oil 2 drops
Peppermint essential oil 2 drops
Rosemary essential oil 2 drops

Cold & Flu
Almond carrier oil 15ml
Eucalyptus essential oil 2 drops
Tea tree essential oil 3 drops
Lavender essential oil 1 drop

Please be advice that essential oil must be kept in amber glass bottle and should not be kept expose nor under the sun.

** Dosage and use of essential oil must be according to the direction as overused of essential oil may bring no benefit to individual

Lastly, each of us get to go through a exquisite skin regime using Jurlique star products.

Each participant receive a door gift and also two vouchers each worth RM 50 for products purchase and RM 100 for services.

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  1. it was a great workshop. i love aromatherapy, so relax so calm.

  2. yeah it was great..love it thanks to Tammy got a space for me to squeeze in